Check your business health

Now more than ever, small businesses are focusing on their business financials and trying to make the right decisions.

Understanding how much money is flowing into and out of your business is crucial to survival. Do you know how long it takes for your customers to pay you? Or how long on average you take to pay your suppliers?

This Business Health Template is a Microsoft Excel file that’s designed to visually show you how your business is performing, so that you can take meaningful action.

You’ll be able to see monthly and year-on-year trends, such as:

  • your Gross Profit margin
  • how long it takes for customers to pay you
  • how long it takes for you to pay your suppliers
  • your cashflow position
  • how much you spend on payroll relative to your sales
  • and more.

All you need is your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports, a moment to put in your data, and some quiet time (with a tea and cinnamon roll) to look at your business performance and make some decisions.

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